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    Hifonics TSi400-II 2 kanaals Versterker

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Hifonics TSi400-II 2 kanaals Versterker

2 x 100 W/RMS @ 4 Ohm
2 x 175 W/RMS @ 2 Ohm
HP 10-1200 Hz, LP 30-150 Hz
Bass-Boost 0-12 dB, Bandpass-Mode
Auto Turn On Function, High Level Inputs
Bass-Remote with Power/Protect LEDs
220 x 55 x 250/315 mm

Owner's Manual

The all new TITAN TSi series continues the advancement of powerful HiFonics amplifiers in modern but compact design. Compared to the forerunner models, the selection of highly efficient components allowed reducing the total size of the footprint by approximately 20%, but without bearing power and performance or weight of the heat sink. Brand new are the integrated HiFonics basic features like the auto-turn-on function by sensing the input audio signal and the switchable high level inputs of the RCA input jacks, which make the integration of all TITAN models in OEM factory systems and already existing car audio set-ups more easy. Performing in the top-class sound quality league, the TSi amps feature high-speed bipolar outputs and low-noise input audio stages and will please even very sophisticated listeners. Together with the precious chassis design, the milled-out acrylic logo panel with dual illumination and the customized die-cast end pieces the new TITAN is more like perfect.

• Acrylic logo-panel Inlay with switchable
  dual-illumination (white or blue)
• 20% more compact footprint
• Low-noise input OP-amps (9V/uS slew-rate)
• Heavy aluminium heatsink for perfect cooling
• Die-cast end caps with mounting channels
• Molded power and speaker terminals
• BLC remote bass level controller

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